Impact Housing Association

Improvement Through Action

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Impact is a social landlord, regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is a member of the National Housing Federation (NHF). We are what is known as an “exempt charity” – that is we work as a charity but are registered with the FCA.

Impact’s Board (another name for the Management Committee) is elected by the shareholding membership. The shareholders have a £1 share and elect board members annually in June.

The Board consists of 11 elected members broken down into INDEPENDENT (individuals who have been recruited for their particular skills) and RESIDENTS and SERVICE USERS (who have been recruited because of their experience as our customers). Some of the residents and service users come forward from Impact’s Tenants and Residents Association (iTARA).  Our Chief Executive is also a member of the Board.

Our Chair is Mark Costello; Mark joined the Board in June 2014 and was appointed Chair in July 2015; read more in Mark’s pen portrait.

If any tenants would like to ask any questions direct to our Board, please contact the Company Secretary, Lisa Ford, using the links on the right hand side.