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N-Gage Customer Service Team

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Who are the Team?
We are Jessica, Vicky, Jayne, Lee and Kirsty. We also have volunteers working in The Oval Centre. We are managed by Karen and Susan.

Where are the Team?
We are based within the new community Hubs across the county including Carlisle, Workington, The Oval Centre at Salterbeck and Penrith Eden Rural Foyer. 

What do the Team do?
The N-Gage Customer Services Team is the first point of contact for our customers by telephone and in person and are the face of the organisation.  The team will support with reporting repairs, making a rent payment, placing a bid for a property and other general queries with regard to the organisation.
Additionally the team balance a number of tasks across all areas that aim to support Income Management, Neighbourhood Team and Asset Management.

How do the Team Work?
We work closely with Income Management, Housing Options, Asset and Neighbourhood Management and wider Impact Housing services in order to deliver a knowledgeable, customer focussed service. We will also work with you directly in our community hubs to assist you with improving your computer skills.

Why do we do this?
The N-Gage Customer Service team are in place to support customers within and outside of the organisation. The aim is to provide a service where customers are listened to, queries are dealt with and problems are resolved by bringing customer service to the forefront of the organisation.