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Impact is proud to be a member of the Placeshapers Group. While some housing associations have gone for outright growth to meet the nation’s shortage of affordable housing, a few locally based associations have developed a wider community agenda. Impact is one of that small and fiercely independent group…………..

Placeshapers is a national group of nearly 100 community based housing associations formed in 2008. We own more than half a million homes between us, provide services to more than one million people and employ over 70% of our staff locally. Together we completed over 21,000 new affordable homes between 2006 and 2010. We collectively plan to invest around £2.7bn to deliver a further 20,000 new homes.

We came together as a lobby group because we see the importance of working in depth with partners at a local level to achieve real improvements within an area. Good housing is the bedrock for a decent life and we are conscious of our pivotal role as change agents. Unemployment, crime, poor health, low educational achievement are all linked so what we do as housing organisations to help residents, local government and other agencies work together can make a huge difference to lives.

Our members understand the strategic priorities of central and local government and contribute to their delivery as close and valued partners. Never before has there been a time when getting these partnerships right is so crucial. We distinguish ourselves as a group because we are committed to local focus. Some associations have become very large through mergers and have lost the ability to engage properly because of excessive scale or spread. We believe that it is crucial to remain truly accountable at the local and regional level. We are already doing a fantastic amount of good work in partnership with government, agencies and most importantly our customers who are ultimately the reason for our being. We are an important part of the future and are delighted by the impact our group has already had in these changing and challenging times.

These principles sum up the ethos of the PlaceShapers Group of housing associations and are those that all members have signed up to:
• That we put our residents and customers at the centre of what we do and ensure that they have real influence on how our organisations evolve;
• That we provide more than simple landlord services because we care about the people and places where we work;
• That we recognise the importance of the local authority role and support all of our LA partners in improving and shaping places at both a strategic and operational level; and
• That we believe there is strength and benefit to residents and stakeholders in maintaining a strong, independent, diverse, non-profit making sector.